Eco Oil OÜ chronicle – Our Story


Eco Oil OÜ  team with more than 30 members are exporting more than 2000 campings, barrel saunas and hot tubs all over the world every year. At the very start in 2003, Gunnar Paalman, the founder of the company, loved to relax in sauna and did it as often as possible, but he did not know anything about building them. The following are the most important milestones in the history of Eco Oil OÜ:

2003 – Eco Oil OÜ and solvents

Since in Gunnar’s father and brothers were farmers in linseed oil business, finding new uses for oil was a continuous process. Creating solvents from linsiid oil made sense, since forgein ones in stores were relatively expensive. Although Eco Oil OÜ was a one-man company located in the garage in Tartu, first customers and awareness were established among the target group.

2004 – Wood preservatives and first move

With the growth of knowledge and customer base, it became clear that, in addition to solvents, it is possible to produce natural wood preservatives based on cereal oils. The shift was crucial and soon the focus was mainly on wood preservatives. The production moved from Tartu to Valgjärve, Gunnar’s new home garage.

2007 – Sandra can’t sleep and second move

Although the wood preservatives business grew, it was clearly seasonal. As the team had increased from 4 to 5 members in the meantime, furniture was produced in the winter period – chairs, tables, some beds and drawers. The production was still in the garage, and since the family’s newborn Sandra was too excited because of daily sawing and knocking (instead of sleeping), it was time to move. Eco Oil OÜ new home was old farm rooms in Valgjärve

2008 – Warm and cosy

Assuming there will be demand, first hot tubs were produced in 2008. Fairs and trade shows leaded to first export clients. Production grew despite of cold times in global economical environment. The first barrel saunas and campings were created. In the following years, the emphasis will be on product development and, as a result first bestsellers were created. As the business grows, the team grows and also need for more space.  The production expands to 2500m².

2012 – Transportin air is expensive

An important breakthrough in production volumes started with of flat-pack production. As it sounds, the products were transported as parts that were put together on the spot. This made it possible to significantly reduce transport costs and expanded the range of potential export destinations. The first hot tubs and saunas found their way to Asia and America.

2016 – Saverna HUB

Eco Oil is renovating the old ambulance building in Saverna. On the second floor, an office, a conference room and a product development center with a CNC machine were built. On the first floor, the production of wood preservatives will be continued and other premises will be rented to the companies Õliimeistrid OÜ and EZ Rulo OÜ. The entire production area expands to 3000 m².